Glass Build Plate Wizard 100ml Spray Bottle

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GBPW makes removing 3D prints EASY.

Rafts, Warping, Lifting, Tape, Hairspray or Abs Juice!

3D Printing Just Got EZ

Our Three Simple Steps


Spray The Build Plate

Spray the build plate with an even coat of GBPW in a well ventilated area or take all your stock of glass plates outside and spray them all at the same time, then you’re good to go for many, many prints.


Print The Model

Print the model or models you can print as many pieces as you can in one go, it saves time and time is money. WHY NOT MAKE LIFE EASIER.


Remove The Model With Ease

Remove the model from the build plate once the build plate has completely cooled down. You could carefully remove the HOT build plate (using gloves) from the machine and let it cool down else where, allowing you to then insert a spare pre sprayed build plate and go on with your next prints.

Remove Prints With Ease

No More Sharp Tools

Rafts may be used in rare and extreme cases. Also depends on the type of slicer software you use.


Because of Glass Build Plates Wizards adhesive qualities lifting and warping from the build plate is now an extremely rare problem.


Glass Build Plate Wizard does not need tapes of any kind to make the print stick to the glass plate until the job is done.


No more ”making do” with products that are not designed for the needs of 3d printing.


When the glass build plate cools down the print releases with ease, in some cases a little force is needed.


Will the print stay stuck firmly to the glass build plate until the print is finished even if it is a 20 hour print? Tests have shown that the print will stay stuck until the glass build plate has completely cooled down when the jobs done.

Unheated glass build plates

Works great on unheated glass build plates using PLA, HIPS, Taulmans Nylon Bridge and PETG.

Slate and Aluminium build plates

Can be used on slate and aluminium removable build plates.

Works with all filaments

Works with all filament types tested.

Ideal for all

Glass Build Plate Wizard is ideal for all levels of users. The expert printers will see a major improvement to their printing skills and the newbies will wonder what all the fuss has been about in the past.


If you are using supports you should not require a raft, in most circumstances rafts are a thing of the past depending on your slicer software, saving you time and money.

Minimal surface contact

With traditional build plate aids the more surface contact on the plate the more stable the print but with Glass Build Plate Wizard minimal surface contact works just great enabling you to create as far as your imagination takes you.

Print multiple items

You can now print multiple items on one print session without worrying about things going wrong.

Save Time and Money

without raft comparison

Rafts a thing of the past!

See how easy it is to print an object using Glass Build Plate Wizard because you do not require rafts. Therefore there is no need to waste time with removing expensive and time consuming rafts and the possibility of serious cuts to your hand in the process.

  • Euro coin holder with raft uses 75.86 grams of plastic and takes 5 hrs 1 min to print.
  • The same item with no raft uses 65.08 grams of plastic and takes 4 hrs 29 min to print.

Time Saved 32 Minutes And 10 Grams Of Filament.

See how EZ it is

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Glass Build Plate Wizard 100ml Spray Bottle

only £9.99 Add to basket

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Glass Build Plate Wizard will help you to improve your 3D printing capabilities, just ask any good professional, whether they be a chef or a computer genius, they are only as good as the tools and equipment they have at their disposal now you have the right new tool for you to make those unique and amazing prints with complete confidence.